Ashley’s Bits

“Bits” is my favorite word, I think. When I studied in London, they used it for so many purposes, and I’ve loved it ever since. Your purse is full of bits, orange juice can be with or without bits, you better get those bits off the counter. It is wonderful.

I often stumble upon articles, videos, etc. on the interwebs that make me think, laugh, or reflect on my career and life. I would like to both have a place to store them, and to share them. So I think whenever I accumulate enough to warrant a post, I will post ’em here. My bits.

Cake Left Out in the Break Room– There seems to be a never-ending amount of cupcakes and donuts left out at my clinic. I never have a clue whether I should cut them in half, take a whole one, or just have a sliver. This made me laugh.

Using cues to justify SLP services– The Speech2U blog is delving into providing levels of cues and how that knowledge allows us to better advocate for our services (vs. tutors, parents, teachers, etc.).

Awesome grammar tips– The SLP grammar police in me loves this.

Happy December y’all.




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